The Globe Theatre

Now we are working with William Shakespeare, an English playwright, actor and poet. I will now present for you one of the places where most of his acts were preformed. The Globe Theatre was built in 1599 and is located in London. In the summer of 1613, the theatre went up in flames during a […]

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American History X

We just watched the movie “American History X” in class about hate and racism, and I will now express my thoughts and feelings after seeing it. After seeing the movie, I felt kind of empty. Some of the scenes were very tough to watch, and when I thought things were going to work out in […]

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Stress – what is it and how does it affect our body and mind? Stress – a well-known word that is used by us all – but what is it really? And how does it affect our body and mind? In this text, I will go deeper into this subject, finding the truth about stress […]

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Migrant domestic workers

We read the short story “The Embassy of Cambodia” in class today a long with some statistics of cultural diversity and I will now discuss and compare the short story with the statistics. According to the statistics,  the numbers of female migrant workers are three times as high as the number of male workers, and […]

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The plastic whale

The UN sustainable goals has been in my mind since we first learned about them and worked with them last autumn, and today we brought them back as a subject in class. Today we focused on goal number 14, life below water. We watched a documentary called “The Plastic whale” about a whale who was […]

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My personal statement

I do not know yet what I would like to study or what I would like to become, but I know that I would love a job where I could interact with others and help people in need. I grew up in a small town where everyone knew everyone, where your neighbour had probably been […]

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Freedom of speech

We are now discussing the freedom of speech in class, and I will now take a look at how conservative and liberal Facebook present the topic I have chosen. I chose to look at the topic immigrants because I find it very interesting to see what the two different sides think about this subject and […]

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In this period we are now in, we learn about media in class. We have just watched the American biographical drama film Spotlight and I will now answer some questions and sum up briefly what I learnt from this film and how I liked it. 5. Name the protagonist and the antagonist in this story. I […]

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Conflicts during the novel

We are now almost finished with reading our book, and I have now read chapter 10. In this post, I will comment and find reasons/explanations for each of these possible conflicts further down, and I will comment on some quotes from chapter 10. a conflict between Changez and the American After reading 10 chapters of […]

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