In this period we are now in, we learn about media in class. We have just watched the American biographical drama film Spotlight and I will now answer some questions and sum up briefly what I learnt from this film and how I liked it.

5. Name the protagonist and the antagonist in this story.

I would like to say that the protagonist in this story is the Globe, the newspaper. They play the most important role in this story and are the reason why the story were able to see daylight in the end. They fought hard for justice and for the victims who were molested by the priests, and did everything they could to help. The antagonist in this story must be the church and some of their lawyers. They did not want the public to know what was happening and covered themselves up to protect their reputation. They made the victims quiet and went against them with lawyers if not.

6. In the story told by the film, what is the main conflict and how is it resolved?

The main conflict is the case with all the children, both boys and girls, being molested by priests and others in church. This conflict is resolved by the Globe, a newspaper in Boston, who discovers the crimes and investigate them. In the end, they have collected enough information to go out in the public with the information and inform the people about what´s been happening for so many years and how many victims there is.


What I learnt from this film and felt like I were told throughout the entire film, was to never give up. The journalists worked hard and fought to find the stories and make people aware of what was going on by making it public. It learned me to stay strong and fight for what you belive, and help others.

I loved this film. It was really interesting and learning, and I loved the way the story were told. The fact that the film was based on a true story made it even more heart-breaking to watch, and especially the last scenes with the text telling how many victims there were and how many priest who had done the crimes. I would recommend this film to everyone who is interested in journalism, human behavior and justice.



Spotlight (2015)


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