Freedom of speech

We are now discussing the freedom of speech in class, and I will now take a look at how conservative and liberal Facebook present the topic I have chosen.

I chose to look at the topic immigrants because I find it very interesting to see what the two different sides think about this subject and how they present it. I also care a lot about immigration and have a lot of personal opinions about it, so therefor I find it very interesting seeing how different websites and people fronts the subject.

  • What is the conservative posts about, and what is the liberal posts about?

These two sides are actually more different from each other than I first thought, and they present the topic quite differently. While the conservative post negative posts about how much the immigrants costs the society and how much damage they do, the liberal are much more positive about the topic and cares more about the immigrants well-being and focuses on their successes and the good things they bring to the country.

  • Are there any posts which you felt were offensive or promoting hate/negativity? Why?

I found a post on the conservative side about a woman named Nancy Pelosi expressing her thought about the cops that I felt was very offensive as the post fronted a quote that she had said in public, and the writer called her an ass in the headline of the article. I found that very offensive as I think words like that should not be used describing others and especially not on the headline of an article considering the fact that many people does not read the entire article, but just sees the headline.

Skjermbilde 2018-03-19 kl. 14.45.44.png

  • Think about freedom of speech, should we be allowed to post whatever we want on social media, or are there limits?

Even though I think that everyone should have the freedom to speech, I believe that there should be limits of what you can say and not. You should not be able to post whatever you want on social media, defiantly not hate or racism post that can possibly hurt others or do damage. We should all think twice before posting anything on social media and think of the consequences our posts can have.

  • Look at the side you disagree the most with, and try to find their best argument. Is there anything you can see having merit, making sense, something you can understand that people would think? What?

The side I disagree the most with is the conservative, and the reason for that must be that I am very positive to immigration and they are not. I do not like the way they present this topic and how negative they front it. Their best argument must be that it is hard adjusting the immigrants to their country and the societies, which I understand that people would think because of all the evidence there is, but I do not think that this have to be a problem. Adjustments can be done and the integration can defiantly become better for both the immigrations and the inhabitants in the different societies.





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