My personal statement

I do not know yet what I would like to study or what I would like to become, but I know that I would love a job where I could interact with others and help people in need.

I grew up in a small town where everyone knew everyone, where your neighbour had probably been the same since the day you where born, and where your neighbours helped out whenever you needed it. I was happy there and I loved the fact that I knew so many and that I had so many to play with and talk to. As I grew older and playing football wasn´t the most important thing anymore, I felt restless and I partly lost the feeling of belonging in that small community. Suddenly, 10 years of elementary school was finished and I had applied to a high school that no one else in my class had applied to. I wanted out and I wanted to do something new with someone new. I liked the people in my class and I had many friends and an environment that I at that time felt comfortable with, but I still wanted something new and different. Summer passed by and high school finally started. The change from elementary school to high school was bigger then expected as the school was 8 times as big and I knew close to zero people. Thankfully, I am a very social and chatty person, so I soon got connected with several of the people in my class and new friendships were created. I had applied to the international study line at a school in the city, and as I lived a bit outside the city, the bus-ride was long. Despite the long bus-ride every morning and afternoon, I never complained. I loved my new school and my new class-mates, and I finally felt like I belonged and that I was in a good place in life. I have my entire life been interested in travelling as my parents have travelled a lot with me and my two younger siblings, so when I heard about this study-line before I applied, I was with no doubts of what to apply for and where. This line offered an exchange-trip for each school-year and the school also offered small trips and exchanges through different classes throughout all three years of school. On our first year, we travelled to Finland for a week. I lived with a troubled host-family and a mental-ill exchange-student, and even though that week was though and hard to get through, I learned so much about myself and others. That week gave me so much and made me grow as a person. The Finnish students came back to us for a week of exchange later that year, and this was a week with less troubles and more understanding and joy. My exchange-student was caring and loving, and we developed a good friendship as I was there and she was with me. On our second year, we travelled to Germany. This was a week filled with learning and joy, and we had a lot of fun as we got to know our German exchange-students. They came back to us for a week of exchange a couple of months later, and both me and my family enjoyed having an exchange-student living with us. It has been a challenge both for me and my family having these exchanges, but we´ve all learned from them and gotten closer as a family.

Helping others has always been a part of my life as I have younger siblings and I´ve always loved the feeling of making others better, and as I attended the organization MOT in 2014 I got to continue doing that and on a bigger level. I soon got picked out by the major to travel to another city to get an education in the organization, and after four days at their camp I felt changed. I had now learned more about myself and how I handle different situations, and also about others and how they may see the world. We are all different, and we all act and react differently to different situations, which is important to remember. After I got this education, I travelled back to the camp at several occasions for reunions with friends I´d met at these camps and to attend to new courses. Each and everyone of these meetings at camp gave me something and learned me something new about myself and others, and I don´t know what I would have been today without. These meetings have given me motivation and strength, and lots of energy. It has given me several good talks and new friendships, which has helped me later in life. I am only 18 years old and I have many more years to grow, but I already feel that I have grown a lot in these years and enveloped myself a lot. When I first was asked to join MOT, I was with no doubt. I was at that time struggling with myself and my surroundings, feeling stressed and overloaded with personal issues as I dug myself deeper and deeper into school-work instead of being social and developing social contact. MOT helped me out of that as they told me that being me was good enough and telling me how amazing we all are. I learned how I could help others in different situations in different ways, and also how to help myself in difficult situations. Working with MOT has given me a lot of opportunities and allowed me to meet and connect with hundreds of amazing people spread across the country and I couldn’t have been more thankful.

As I mentioned earlier, I have a great passion for travelling and I can thank my parents for that. It first started with small road-trips to Scandinavian countries where we were camping and swimming in lakes to bigger trips driving through Europe and flying to the Middle-East to even bigger trips to Asia and Thailand, where our love for Asian food and culture grew bigger for each time visiting. Both my siblings and I soon got addicted to travelling and experiencing new places, new people and new cultures, and we all love planning and organizing trips as well as looking at pictures and dreaming of discovering new places. The summer I turned 17, my dream of experiencing America was too big not to fulfil. I contacted a language school who offered trips to America and ended up attending to a road-trip across America, from Los Angeles to New York. During our three-week long trip, we camped most of the time and made our own food. My group and I drove a big van and sat in the car for several hours most days to get from place to place. We saw breath-taking wonders of nature and I had to sit down at several occasions just to take a deep breath and enjoy the view as much as I can. When I left home for this trip, I never thought I would learn so much about myself and others, experiencing so much and being left with so many memories. But I did, and that is probably what I love the most about myself; taking chances and being curious.

I´m a person who loves discovering and learning, interacting and socializing, cheering and loving, and I would love to continue doing that for the rest of my life.


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