The plastic whale

The UN sustainable goals has been in my mind since we first learned about them and worked with them last autumn, and today we brought them back as a subject in class. Today we focused on goal number 14, life below water. We watched a documentary called “The Plastic whale” about a whale who was found at the coast of western Norway and who was in big pain. He was shot by a local man, and after that the university of Bergen picked him up with a truck to perform an autopsy to learn more about that specie. As they did the autopsy, they immediately saw how skinny the whale was. He weighted less than half the weight he should have, and the prosent of fat was critically low. As they opened his stomach, they found 30 plastic bags and other plastic items stuck.  The whale had starved to death. The plastic had been filling up his stomach and leaving no other space for food. The news about the whale went viral and got a lot of publicity, and it made people more aware of the use of plastic and the consequences plastic has for our oceans.


Life below water is one of the biggest wonders of nature, but are we really aware of that? Seeing all the toxics and garbage that are being thrown into the water, I am with no belief that everyone is as aware of that as they should be. The life below water is suffering, and it is because of us. Millions of tons of plastic and other kinds of garbage are being thrown into the oceans every singel year. Overfishing, oil spill and pollution are also causing big problems for the creatures below water, and it only gets worse and worse.

As watching this documentary, my heart sunk.  Seeing the whale in such pain and hopelessness was horrible, and also because I know that this whale is not the only victim of our acts. There are several more just like him, whales that suffers and dies because of something that we have thrown into the water and that we all use in our everyday-life; plastic. It felt personal as most of the documentary was filmed in Norway and it showed our use of plastic and how much we have affected our environment by not throwing away our plastic in a environmental-friendly way. We are all responsible for keeping our environment clean and healthy, so we should all participate in making it happen.


I do think that it will help the oceans that we put more focus on this problem, and I have seen changes being done. People have become much more aware of plastic and their own use, and there has been made many more environmental-friendly products. The government has also become more aware and made new rules of how to dispose our garbage and they have come up with new suggestions for how to keep our sea and land cleans.

Personally, I will be more aware in the future of my own garbage and wast and how it is being disposed. I will not use as much plastic as I have and I will try using more environmental-friendly products that will not harm our nature. I think we can all get better at using less plastic and recycle more. We should also pollute less and substitute our products with more environmental-friendly products. We all pollute more than we think and we affect the air that we are breathing, the water that we swim in and the food that we eat in a much bigger way than we are probably aware of. Making more awareness about this problem is another solution, because there is always some new information to present and new problems to be solved. Doing this alone is hard. We have to stick together towards this goal and stay focused. Because even though one can make a change, the change is much bigger if we do it together.





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