Migrant domestic workers

We read the short story “The Embassy of Cambodia” in class today a long with some statistics of cultural diversity and I will now discuss and compare the short story with the statistics.

According to the statistics,  the numbers of female migrant workers are three times as high as the number of male workers, and Fatou from the short story is one of them. In 2013, the statistics shows that there were 11.5 million migrant domestic workers in the world. These are workers with close to no rights as they work illegal in the country that they are staying in, and they are therefor often a victim of abuse and mistreats. Fatou is no exception as she is being treated badly in the home where she works and she does not get paid for the job that she does. She also has no voice to stand up against her bosses as they provide her with food and a home and she feels like she has no other rights. Fatou, the girl in the short story, claims that she has never been beaten by the family that she lives with, but that she had heard her name being used as a term of abuse between the two older children in the family.


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