American History X

We just watched the movie “American History X” in class about hate and racism, and I will now express my thoughts and feelings after seeing it.

After seeing the movie, I felt kind of empty. Some of the scenes were very tough to watch, and when I thought things were going to work out in the end, they did not. I was left with a feeling of disbelief and sadness and did not understand how humans could treat other humans like that. Luckily, this was just a movie. But unfortunately, it is also the real world as there are humans who act like that in the real world as well. Racism can be seen everywhere and has been a worldwide problem since the first humans were born. I feel lucky to say that I have not experienced anything like this and been directly affected by it and that there are no organized hate groups in my community. I live in a home with lots of love and acceptance, and I have been learned my entire life not to categorize and separate people because of how they look and who they are.

I think that even though the movie is brutal and tough to watch, you should watch it either way. It is an important movie that shows what hate can do to a person and what it can lead to. It also shows how much the hate you express affects those around you, and that you can get rid of the hate. Hate only leads to more hate and does not solve any problems. To get problems solved you have to come to an understanding of both sides and understand others. You can not only see yourself as an individual in this world and act like it, you have to see yourself in the context of the greater world and with all the individuals in it. This movie learned me how much the hate from one person can affect others and how easily hate can be spread.


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