The Globe Theatre

Now we are working with William Shakespeare, an English playwright, actor and poet. I will now present for you one of the places where most of his acts were preformed.

The Globe Theatre was built in 1599 and is located in London. In the summer of 1613, the theatre went up in flames during a performance because of a theatrical cannon was misfired. The year after, a new theatre was built up and the shows kept on going until the Puritans (English reformed protestants) closed it down in 1642 like most other theaters were. A modern day reconstruction were built in 1997 and it is an academic approximation of the original design based on the documents from de 1599 and 1642 building.

Here you can see the theatre as it is today. Today the theatre is being used for exhibitions, workshops, lectures, watch productions and stage reading according to The Globe´s website.



Dan Snow’s London Guide – The Globe Theatre – YouTube


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